Welcome to Carson's Heart Page. We have dedicated this page to our son Carson who underwent open heart surgery when he was 9 weeks old. We hope this site will help others who have gone through or are going through the same thing. We also hope to raise awareness of Congenital Heart Disease in newborns.  It is important to know the signs of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), we found out when it was almost too late.  Please visit the link to American Heart Assoc. for a list of those signs.  

We have found that connecting with other families who have experienced similar circumstances has helped us, we truly hope our story will relate to you in the same way.

We are extremely thankful for all the doctors, nurses, and others who assisted in Carson's  diagnosis, surgery, and recovery.

Those most deserving of our recognition are:

---Our Lord Jesus Christ- without Whom our son may not have made it as long as he did.  We thank Him everyday for the life he has blessed us with and the health he has given Carson.  Our faith in God is the only thing that got us through this time.

---Our Families and Friends- the support and prayers offerred were endless.  The phone calls while in the hospital, the cards, gifts and flowers meant alot to us when we know you couldn't be there.  It means so much to have so many special people in our lives that cared so much for Carson and believed for his healing.

---Dr. Melissa K. Renolds (pediatrician) - Whose determination to find out what was wrong with our son was instrumental in his diagnosis.  She never failed to search for answers eventhough it seemed all possibilities were exhausted.  Her persistence along with ours and the staff at ABC Pediatrics is the main reason Carson is still in our life.  We are grateful to her for the care she gave leading up to and following her referral to Dr. Jones.

---Dr. David Jones (pediatric cardiologist)-  He is the specialist who determined Carson had a severe heart problem.  After his thorough examination he was quick to respond by having Carson admitted to Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta for immediate surgery.  Dr. Jones and his staff have been very sympathetic towards our family while dealing with the realization of Carson's heart condition.

---Dr. Vincent Tam (surgeon)-  What can we say?  Words can never describe the feeling of knowing we entered the hospital with a dying child and left with a healthy one.  We could never thank him enough for repairing our sons heart.  

---Staff at Egleston-  The nurses in CICU were very helpful in explaining Carson's current situation and giving us frequent updates on his recovery.  The knowledge we received on Heart Disease and his multiple defects was obtained from the nursing staff during our many hours at his bedside.  They made us as comfortable as possible in an uncomfortable environment.  The nurses on the floor after his stay in CICU.  Having gone 5 days without being able to hold or care for our son, they were wonderful at making us feel at ease with the new ways in which we would have to care for him; both physically and medically.  We were sent home well advised and well informed.     

---Scott, Jaime and Carson Whiteside

In memory of Nathan Dodson whose family is always in our thoughts, prayers and hearts.

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