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(Feb. 2001)

We celebrated Carson's First Birthday on 11-18-00.  His family and friends helped celebrate with an Elmo and Sesame Street themed party.  Just the day before he had a walking accident that lefted a bruise and bump on his forehead.  He wasn't at all interested in his cake, he was really just trying to figure out why everyone was in his house!  Carson is now walking and talking up a storm (if you can figure out what he is saying!)  He likes to mimick facial expressions and words we say.  His cutest expression right now is to open his mouth wide with excitement when the train is coming by.  The words he is saying clearly are:  uh-oh, ma-ma, da-da, juice, no, dog, toys, shoes, go and ome for home which he says when we pull in the driveway or when daddy gets home from work and  "tho" which has come to mean "there you go"!  He will sometimes say the words jump and hot. His favorite things to eat right now are butter cookies and fries.  We visited the Georgia State Capitol on Dec. 5, 2000 and met Gov. Barnes during the signing of the CHD Awareness Day Proclamation which makes Feb. 14, 2001 the official day of recognition.  We also celebrated Carson's ONE YEAR surgery anniversary on Jan. 28, 2001.  It was such a joyous day for us as a family.  I made a heart cake with pink icing and snacks to enjoy throughout the day.  The weather was sunny and warm so we put Carson in his wagon and went for a stroll.  Taking time to reflect to where we were one year ago, we truly realize God's blessings in our lives.  I never would have believed he would now be this healthy after seeing him in CICU then.  He has definitely come a long way!  We have updated pics at "Everyday Pictures".   

(Nov. 2000)

Carson is pulling up really well now and will walk holding onto our hands.  We recently visited the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina and enjoyed seeing the fall leaves.  It is definitely a place I would love to visit again when he is older.  We have also been visiting grandparents and greatgrandparents.  We even had a get together with some of his cousins that turned out to be so much fun.  He really enjoys other babies!  We had a follow-up with his cardiologist on Nov. 2 and all went well.  He is 29 3/4 inches long and 23.4 lbs.  (You don't have to tell that to my arms and back though!)  We will not have to go back for one year!!!  They did an EKG and echocardiagram that proved to be very positive.  His pc was thrilled with his progress and had nothing but great things to say.  He even mentioned that the leak in his patch and the second unrepaired hole(vsd) will not have to be repaired and were of no significance now.  Praise The Lord!!!  This past year has definitely been a trying one as parents, but we must say, this little guy is a gift.  He has been a fighter and now has a healthy heart to show for it.  Not to mention how sweet and happy he always is.  He brings joy to every day and makes us thankful that we have him to share it with.  You can check out some recent pics in "Everyday Pictures".      

(Sept. 2000)

Carson is now crawling all over the place and exploring all of the household territory.  He is pulling up on anything and anyone.  He loves to chase our cat Reo around the house.  He has always been fascinated by him.  We took our first road trip to Texas and he did better than us.  We also took a vacation to Florida.  Carson seemed to enjoy the ocean more in the evenings as we watched the sun set.  His vocabulary has extended to include "ma-ma" finally.  His next cardiologist appointment is scheduled for Nov. 2, 2000.   We have pictures of our roadtrip and the beach in the "Family Picture Gallery".

(Aug. 2000)

Now it is 7 months since his surgery.  We battled months of colic and numerous stomach and feeding problems.  Not to mention the fact of being constantly worried of having to deal with any further complications due to his congenital heart disease.  He was sent home on Digoxin and Lasix.  He was taken off of those medications after two months.  His follow-up visits with his Cardiologist and Pediatrician have been very optimistic.  We do know of one other hole in his heart that he should be able to live with.  He will have to see his cardiologist regularly throughout his lifetime but he has been given a clean bill of health and should suffer no further complications.

His weight is now about 22 pounds and he is trying his best to crawl.  He is always happy and giggly and such a delight to have in our lives.  Aside from a beautifully scarred tummy, you would never be able to tell he was operated on.  We thank God for this tiny soul who has blessed our lives in so many ways.  We wouldn't have him any other way.  He is truly an angel.

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